Pro Leak Detection And Repair Tips

Ever gone to work and come home after eight hours or so, only to be greeted by water surging out of your front door? In addition to the shock, the whole experience is infuriating. A small leak in your plumbing system can end up causing unimaginable damage. Leaks not only waste gallons of water but are also quite expensive. In fact, you might end up spending even up to $10,000 to address the damage. Surprisingly, while water damage is one of the most common problems in homes, many homeowners often fall short when it comes to getting ahead of leaks. Here’s a look at tips for leak detection and repair before they lead to significant water damage problems:

Water Leak Detection

Be Proactive

When there are leaks at home, they don’t decide to just show up on a given day. Typically, there are warning signs that might tell you that your plumbing system, the roof, or the basement might be having a problem and eventually, there will be leaks or even flooding. However, if you are not proactive, you cannot see the early signs. When you are proactive, you will have some idea of where pipes are located in the basement or behind walls. Moreover, you will have a clue where water valves are located, so that when you spot leaks, you can immediately shut off the water. Be proactive and repair leaks before they turn to significant problems.

Spotting The Leak & The Source

The only way to spot leaks is to look for early signs. If you aren’t looking, chances are you’ll notice the problem when the damage is already done. Ordinary water leaking signs include;

– Wet floor
– Spots and stains on the ceiling
– Wet Wall
– Mold

If you stumble upon any of these signs, don’t ignore or procrastinate; make sure you address the issue, pronto. To fix a leak, it is imperative that you find the source. Locating the source of a leak in a house can be a daunting and difficult process. However, there are tips from expert leak detection and repair contractors that can help you, they include:

– Turn of the main house shut-off valve. This is to ensure that there isn’t any water flowing in or out of the house.

– Turn-off all taps in the house as well as faucets and water-using appliances.

– Locate and inspect your water meter to see if the water indicator is moving. If you notice that the leak indicator shows that water is still running, then there must be a leak.

Fixing & Repairing Leaks

Once you’ve identified the leak as well as the source, it’s time for repairs. Usually, a house is full of pipes which makes leak detection and repair at home quite complicated. While you can choose do-it-yourself leak detection and repair, it is highly recommended that you consider hiring professionals to help with the repairs. are a trusted company who have been in business for years. All kinds of bad things can pop up from leaks; so choose an immediate but long-term fix. Leak repair mistakes can be catastrophic, so call a pro.