Celebrity Master Chef Lisa Faulkner Has Quite The Interesting Career

Who is Lisa?

Lisa Faulkner is most widely known for being a celebrity master chef, but she has taken on quite a few roles in her career. Are you familiar with the character she is known for playing on EastEnders? The eastenders character is Fi Browning, and she is also known as being a presenter for certain TV shows, including Master Chef. She is indeed famous for having won the show Master Chef and so is an ex Master Chef star.

Celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner has quite the online presence, too. She posts online about all kinds of things related to cooking and her personal life. Did you know her partner is John Torode? He is a judge on the show Master Chef. Sounds like that was a definite match in the making. Let’s talk about some of her other roles that were mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Many people are familiar with Lisa Faulkner’s character Fi Browning. The character on the show is known to be a scheming businesswoman. It has been quite the role for Lisa, but she has of course had others that have been just as good, if not better. Her most prominent role has stemmed from her ensuing career as a master chef as mentioned.

Lisa Faulkner Facts

There are facts about Lisa Faulkner’s personal life that people know. For example, when she was just a teenager, she lost her mother to cancer. Lisa had a great relationship with her mother, and that relationship helped Lisa come up with the idea of her very first cookbook. You certainly know where her passion for cooking has taken her, as its the foundation of her career as a celebrity.

Early Life

Originally, Lisa was from southwest London. She is currently 46 years old, and she continues to grow her career. She doesn’t look 46 years old either. Lisa started acting in the 90’s, right after her mother died of cancer. It was a modelling scout that found Lisa, and her career has been blossoming for decades. She has taken on so many different types of jobs, but cooking has always remained her first passion. She now is a contributor of  Kate Thorntons high street cashback site. See all of the other celebrity endorsers here: https://tbseen.com/contributors

Lisa On Master Chef

Lisa on Masterchef
Television programme: Celebrity MasterChef

It is so neat how she has made a career on master chef. Her life is an example of living your dreams, and it would be cool to discover more about her philanthropic efforts. What does she do to help others? Are you an aspiring chef? If so, you might have been following the career of Lisa Faulkner for quite some time, but you may not have known all the other details about her life. Many people saw lisa faulkner on master chef and were soon converted into fans and followers of hers.

It will be interesting to see what celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner continues to do in the future. You never know what show you will see her pop up on next. For now, you can read what she has to say online, get recipes suggestions from her and more. You know she will continue to be influencing others in the cooking world, and you can keep up with her easily enough by sticking around to read what she posts online.