The Top Cryptocurrency Coins You Should Think About Buying

What are the top cryptocurrency coins and which ones should you buy? There are hundreds and hundreds of coins out there, so figuring out which ones are good and which ones aren’t can be challenging. Don’t worry though because we’ve put together a list of some of the top coins you should consider buying. You can also find more information at


The king of cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, which is by far the most valuable coin of all. At the end of 2017, Bitcoin was trading at just over $19,000, which was an all-time record for the coin, but as of now it is trading at around $6,450, and throughout the last few months it was hovering around $8,000. Many merchants accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, and there is a growing number of major corporations who are accepting it as a payment. This is a good sign because it means those big companies are expecting the price of Bitcoin to increase over time. Whats more is that the way you are able to purchase crypto  like bitcoin is ever changing and expanding. you can buy XRP with PayPal now something that was almost impossible before.


Besides Bitcoin, Litecoin is probably one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, and for good reason. For starters, Litecoin offers much faster confirmation for transactions because it generates blocks at a faster rate. Another good thing about this coin is no central authority controls it and it’s based on a global payment network that is open source.

Developers are the ones who widely use and accept Litecoin Payments. However, more and more merchants are accepting it due to its potential. As for its value, currently it is valued at $55, but just a few short months ago it was trading at over $90, which means it has a lot of potential to increase in value.


Many people have invested and still invest in Ethereum, which is a platform that is decentralized and it allows smart contracts to be built, as well as Dapps. Best of all, the apps and contracts will run without being at risk of control, downtime or fraud. At one point in time the coin was trading at over $500, but currently it’s trading at around $277, which is still good. Many experts believe Ethereum will continue to increase in value, so if you’re looking for a safe coin to invest in, but you don’t want to buy Bitcoin, then Ethereum is worth considering.


This coin was previously called Darkcoin and many people consider it to be a lot like Bitcoin, but a bit more secretive. When Dash launched in 2014, it quickly gained popularity and people were buying it up like crazy, and fast forward to today, it is trading at around $140, but in June 2018, it was trading at around $260. Just like Litecoin and Ethereum, Dash has a lot of potential to skyrocket in value and it is worth looking into if you want to potentially make a lot of money.

Those are the top cryptocurrency coins you should think about buying. You never know, they may very well continue going up in value. Remember, before you do anything, you want to do as much research as possible. If you’re not confident about a particular coin, then don’t buy it.